Domain Age

Importance: Low

Type: Relevancy

Google does not care about how long ago the domain was registered, as Google determines the age of a domain based on when Google first crawled the domain name.

This is mainly because the whois information of a domain name is not always available; it can vary based on domain name extension and domain name registrar’s whois formatting.


Nofollow Links

Importance: Medium

Type: Relevancy and Quality

Search engines, in general, don’t follow links with a nofollow relationship.

Having a large amount of nofollow links may be seen as unnatural and decreases the amount of outbound links, which has a negative impact of rankings.

Reading Level

Importance: High

Type: Quality

How easy the content is to read.

We can use Flesch Reading Ease test to determine how easy the content is to read.

{displaystyle 206.835-1.015left({frac {text{total words}}{text{total sentences}}}right)-84.6left({frac {text{total syllables}}{text{total words}}}right)}

The score is out of 100; where 0 is considered hard to read and 100 is considered easily read by children.


Guest Posts

Importance: Low

Type: Quality

Using guest posts can be a good thing if they are done right. Guest posts need to be relevant and of quality. Having links in the author/ bio section or author page can decrease your rankings if those links are not relevant, have a low pagerank or are not seen as useful or valuable.

How about getting your customers to write content for you? User-generated content is a great for  SEO and all you have to do is ask for it.